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4 min read

A question we get asked about on a fairly regular basis is "how on earth do I make Mural play nicely with Wordpress?"

After some experimentation we have found a simple two-step workflow to allow you to begin to bring Mural into your site.

2 min read

Mural has been selected as a Mid Level Grantee in the Grant for the Web program, jointly administered by Mozilla, Creative Commons and Coil.

Our project, titled "Web Monetization in the Arts" seeks to implement support for the emerging Web Monetization Protocol in Mural, as well as doing outreach work to people in the arts community. We also plan to greatly improve the Mural editor, as well as to implement various improvements as suggested by the Mural community (you can help by giving us feedback in the user survey on our homepage).

5 min read

Imagine the scene: Two friends, Douglas Arellanes, (that鈥檚 me) and Pete Haughie, are sitting in a bar on a Serbian mountaintop in April at 3am. They haven鈥檛 seen each other in person for several months but have been excitedly talking online about two new digital projects that had been making waves in the journalism and web design space for a long time already. After a few local pivo and rakija the gesticulation and conversational excitement starts to mount. 鈥淵ou know that New York Times thing? I reckon we could do that with our platform.鈥 boasted Pete. 鈥淥h yeah?鈥 I challenged, 鈥淗ow long do you reckon that would take?鈥 Pete鈥檚 beer sloshed over the side of his glass as he shrugged, 鈥淚 dunno, six months maybe?鈥. I decided to call his bluff and gave him a retainer and some time. Six months to be precise.