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Visual storytelling made easy

Man curating his multimedia collection in order to tell his story

What is Mural?

Mural is a native application (Windows, macOS, Linux) which takes your already curated collection of multimedia and allows you to create rich content for the web without any technical knowledge of html, css, or javascript.

Woman organising her story as a sequence of Mural items

What does it do?

The Mural editor's main job is to assemble your content as a sequence of scrollytelling items. Each item has been themed in a way to accentuate your images, videos, and text to better tell your visual story.

Woman with her content tailored for phone, tablet, and desktop

How do I use it?

You must download and run the Mural software. Export your story for no hassle hosting on any webserver. Mural will export your visual story as a folder of html, css, js, and static multimedia.

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