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Mural selected for Grant for the Web funding

· 2 min read

Mural has been selected as a Mid Level Grantee in the Grant for the Web program, jointly administered by Mozilla, Creative Commons and Coil.

Our project, titled "Web Monetization in the Arts" seeks to implement support for the emerging Web Monetization Protocol in Mural, as well as doing outreach work to people in the arts community. We also plan to greatly improve the Mural editor, as well as to implement various improvements as suggested by the Mural community (you can help by giving us feedback in the user survey on our homepage).

What's the Web Monetization Protocol, you ask? It's a new option to pay content creators for their work, while at the same time ensuring privacy for web consumers as they browse the web. With the Web Monetization Protocol, users will set up a "wallet" with a small amount of virtual currency. Then, as they browse compatible sites, a small amount is deducted from the user's wallet and sent to the content creator.

Since its founding in 2017, Mural has always worked closely with people in the arts community. Especially as we face the pandemic together, we feel strongly that technologists and software developers need to work together with artists and other content creators to find new ways to be paid for their essential and vital work.

We'll keep you posted on our progress here, in our social channels and subreddit.