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Version: 2.0.0

The Fullpage Video Mural Item

The Fullpage video item refers to a section of your Mural story where there is a video that takes up the entire screen with a play/pause button. There is less room for text in the Fullpage video item, usually a line or two, if any.

Mural's Fullpage Video item on phone

Mural's Fullpage Video item on tablet

Mural's Fullpage Video item on desktop

Choose video​

This is where you select the video you want to include. You can use video files either from your computer's file system or from a URL. Video files have to be in the MP4 format, but you can use iOS .mov files if you rename the file extension to .mp4. A preview thumbnail of the video will appear.

Loop video​

When checked, the loop video option allows you to repeat the video when it finishes.

Auto advance​

When checked, the auto advance will move the video item out of the viewport and bring in the next item automatically.


This is where you write your title for the item, such as a headline.


This is where you write the body text for the page.

Poster Image​

This is a still image that loads before the video and serves as an alternate.

This gives the item a name that can be used in the Navigation hamburger menu in the exported story.

Offset portrait video​

This lets you shift the video to the left or right when it is viewed in mobile devices that are vertically-aligned. You can shift to the left, right or center, or to a setting that you define yourself.