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Version: 2.0.0

The Mural Payments Menu

The Payments menu in Mural 2

Mural 2 adds a separate Payments menu where you can set up the ways you monetize your content. You can make money with your Mural 2 content in two ways: Through micropayments using the web monetization protocol, or through a service like Patreon or KoFi, where you can provide exclusive content protected by an access code.

Note: For web monetization micropayments, Mural deducts a 10% charge. This is used to support the project and add new features to the software. As the user base grows, we will adjust the payment to Mural based on community input.

Here is an overview of the functions in the Payments menu.

Enable payment features

Turning this switch on enables payments on your story, and also creates a movable paywall that separates free content from paid content. The movable paywall has a place where users can type in an access code to get exclusive content, or if the user has a Coil account, the payment happens automatically and the user does not see the paywall page (currently using an image of a curtain).

Web monetization live payment

This is where you type the name of the recipient of the web monetization payments, as well as their ILP payment pointer address. You can find out more about how to set up your ILP payment pointer.

Support for multiple payment pointers

Mural 2 supports adding multiple payment pointers. This can be used, for example, to share payments with the people who collaborated on the project, to pay a curator or arts institution, or even to make a donation. All you have to do is know the recipient's ILP payment pointer.

Access code

If you have a subscription service like Patreon, KoFi or others, you can share an access code with your supporters that enables access to exclusive content. This access code can also be shared with anyone, but we recommend doing so sparingly, so as to keep your content exclusive.