Mural Services

Make the most of your visual stories

As creator and maintainer of the Mural software project, Mural Software s.r.o. is uniquely positioned to provide paid services that make it even easier to tell great visual stories.

Write us at for more info!

Hosting and paid support

Mural software s.r.o. offers paid hosting for stories that are made with Mural. This hosting costs EUR 5 per month per story, and comes with the following services:

  • * Uptime monitoring
  • * Helpdesk and incident support services
  • * Offsite backup of hosted stories

Mural uses some of the world's fastest data centers for its services, which ensures that your multimedia files are served quickly and reliably.

Custom solutions

Mural Software s.r.o. also offers custom solutions for its customers which include:
  • * Paid support and helpdesk
  • * Hosting via a content distribution network for faster delivery of large media files
  • * Integrating your Mural story into your existing website and CMS
  • * Programming additional features to add to Mural based on your requirements
  • * Training and consulting

Contact us at and we'll be happy to put together a more detailed estimate.

Mural Studio Services

Let Mural Software s.r.o. and its creative team of designers, photographers and programmers create your Mural-powered stories with you from scratch. These services include:
  • * Custom story creation and preparation
  • * Article preparation for media organizations
  • * Photography and videography with Mural's requirements in mind
  • * Custom programming of new features

Get in touch with us at to discuss your needs and plans, and how we can help you make the most of your Mural story.

Mural Software s.r.o.
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